Breakthrough in RFID technology solutions

  • Kcode solves problems with cutting-edge RFID solutions

  • Kcode has extensive experience in providing retail and wholesale solutions

  • Kcode is brand independent – we provide the best solution available

Learn how Kcode's RFID solves problems

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RFID for every industry

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Pharma
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Fresh food
  • Library
  • Document control
  • Livestock

New Technology

New technology for the future of RFID

  • Kcode adds value by
    • Evaluating your current operating environment

    • Recommending solutions that solve your problems and generate quick ROI

    • Identifying the right RFID components

    • Implementing the new system

    • Integrating your current system with the new RFID layer

    • Offering ongoing support to insure you optimize your RFID investment

Successful RFID Implementation

Increase Sales

Sales increase 3-5%

Optimizes inventory investment

Inventory accuracy improves returns and reduces investment

Reduces theft

Shrinkage rate reduced by over 50%

Allows staff to focus on satisfying customers

Labor efficiency increases

Know where your inventory is

Kcode software constantly polls your RFID tags

Integrate with any system

Kcode will work with any ERP system

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